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Experienced Will Notary At Your Service

NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO is at your service to draft your will.

She is available for consultation in Montreal and is also able to meet with you in the Longueuil and Brossard regions.

Authentic will

As a specialist in inheritance law, notary Elisabete Cunsolo has all the necessary expertise as regards to the drafting of legal documents. Your will will be written in clear terms in order to avoid any ambiguity that could give rise to any conflicts.

This initiative also contributes to avoid ruptures in the family when distributing the inheritance. The drafting of the will makes it possible to better handle the distribution and the organization of each heir’s inheritance.

The drafting of the will makes it possible to prevent conflicts between the heirs.

 Notaire testament Montréal Longueuil Brossard
 Notaire testament Montréal Longueuil Brossard

Proven expertise

Mastering all the subtleties of the law as regards to inheritance, NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO is able to offer the best options in your favour and that of your loved ones. She will ensure your last wishes are carried out.

Thanks to her profound experience in law, the notary gives legal effect to your wishes in keeping with the legal and regulatory requirements of the law. She advises you on all the mandatory steps of all inheritances.

Notary Elisabete Cunsolo will write your will in accordance with your wishes and the law.

Her major strengths:

  • A one of a kind customer service
  • Attractive prices
  • Proficiency in several languages

Get in touch with her for more information on her services.