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Montreal, QC, H1H 2R6


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Notary Specialized in Property Legislation

Contact NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO to get advice on property legislation.

She is available for consultation in Montreal and is also able to meet with you in the Longueuil and Brossard regions.

The solution to your real-estate problems

Request the services of NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO to help you in all your real-estate transactions. Whether you are a buyer or a salesman, she is available to provide tailored solutions for your situation.

She proposes wise advice to secure the transaction and to negotiate the price. As a legal advisor, she guarantees individual support, allowing you to save time. As part of an acquisition, the notary evaluates the various types of financing available.

She is able to evaluate the proposals suitable to your case and to advise you on the various types of financing available.

Notaire immobilier Montréal Longueuil Brossard
Notaire immobilier Montréal Longueuil Brossard

A reliable intermediary

Obtain all the information on the necessary authorizations at the time of a purchase or the sale of a house. NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO undertakes the necessary steps, in particular for the drafting of legal documents. Count on her to write, authenticate and preserve all your legal documents.

Choosing this notary also allows you to ensure the validity of the document and to guarantee the protection of your rights as a purchaser or a salesman of the property in question.

She ensures the legal certainty of the necessary documents for your real-estate transactions.

NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO masters several languages:

  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

She remains available to provide you with additional information.