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Notary Specialized in Inheritance Declarations

Based in Montreal, NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO is at your service for the settlement of an inheritance.

She handles cases in the Longueuil and Brossard regions.

Evaluation of the inheritance settlement

Supply the notary with all the necessary documents (notarial acts, title deeds, accounts, etc.) and all the activities carried out by the deceased (sales, purchases, etc.). She will establish a comprehensive report of the estate of the deceased, including the list of goods as well as the debts incurred by the deceased.

She will also enquire the will mentioning the names of the heirs and/or legatees. Ask for NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO to settle an inheritance under the best possible conditions. She acts in compliance with the specific formalities and the rights of those called upon to collect the inheritance.

She draws up a complete inventory of the goods of the deceased.

	Notaire succession Montréal Longueuil Brossard
	Notaire succession Montréal Longueuil Brossard

The solution to all your legal and notarial service requirements

Rely on NOTARY ELISABETE CUNSOLO to carry out all the mortgage and tax formalities related to the death of a loved one. She handles several taxation scenarios (filing tax returns of the deceased, fiscal choices that could benefit the heirs, obtaining the certificates authorizing the distribution of the goods, etc.).

Thanks to her expertise and to her experience, she will give you proper advice during all the decision-making situations. In matters of inheritance, the assistance of the notary will enable you to avoid serious problems.

Use the services of the notary for your peace-of-mind


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